DIY Open Kitchen Shelves for Under $50.00

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I am so excited to share this DIY with you all. It was such an easy solution to a bare wall and added some umph to this kitchen. I am slowly but surely seeing the transformation of my boring rental kitchen into something worth glancing at everyday. Alright yall, grab your chai latte and let’s dive in!

First things first, I took a shopping trip to Home Depot. I always feel this sense of empowerment being a woman walking into a that store. Is it just me? Anyway, you’ll need just a few things:


  • 1 – 8ft x 9 inch pine board
  • 4 – Shelf brackets
  • Dry wall anchors
  • Black spray paint
  • Early American stain and Polyurethane stain
  • 2 – Foam brushes
  • 1 – 180 grit sanding block
  • 1- 220 grit sanding block

If you’re reading this I’m assuming you’re a DIYer that also keeps a few extra things on hand like a power drill, a level, an old rag or paper towels, and some patience that you will also need for this project.


For these shelves I planned to just put some wine glasses and smaller décor items so I opted for the 9inch width. If you are planning to place larger plates and bowls, you may want to consider a 12in width board so the plates aren’t hanging off the edge of the shelf. Just make sure you measure your widest item before you decide and plan accordingly.

Did you know Home Depot will cut the boards for you? Just be ready with your measurements! I had this board cut into 3 – 31inch long pieces, picked up the other supplies on the list and got to work at home.


The shelf brackets came in white so I started by spray painting those black and left them to dry overnight. While those were drying I lightly sanded each side of the wood boards with the 180 grit first then I went back over them with the 220 grit for a smoother finish. Remember to sand with the grain of the wood. Wipe off any dust and you’re ready to stain. I love working with stain because its pretty fail proof. I brushed it on with my foam brush and wiped it right off. I wanted my shelves to be pretty light in color so I did not let the stain sit for more than about 2 minutes before wiping it off and setting it aside to dry.  Done and Done!!

  Almost forgot…I waited about 6 hours to let the stain really dry before I brushed on the polyurethane sealer with my other foam brush and set that aside to dry overnight.

The next morning literally felt like Christmas day. I could not wait to get these shelves put up and get all my cups and things on them. So I tasked my amazing helper…trust me this is definitely a 2 person job when it comes to hanging these up….and I busted out the power drill and level and voila!! DIY open shelves complete!!

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