Marble Kitchen Backsplash Update

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Looking to transform your boring rental kitchen? Trust me. You are in good hands here.

Let’s get to it. This kitchen backsplash situation was crying for a make over. Now, don’t get me wrong I love a good clean white kitchen but this small space just needed a personality. As ya’ll know, I am renting so I wanted to make sure I chose an option that is reversible because let’s be honest, it’s the most frustrating thing when you don’t get your deposit back. Am I right? So I started my hunt for peel and stick backsplash tiles. It’s almost overwhelming how many options there are. I settled on these marble peel and stick backsplash tiles from Amazon.


Before we get to the big reveal…let me tell yall about the struggle! I’d be lying if I said this was a super simple transformation. It comes in a pack of 4 tiles in 10in by 10in squares. So thankfully I was not cutting each tile out and creating the herringbone pattern myself. The real struggle you guys, was just getting them the right size and cutting out all the tiny little triangle spaces so that it looks seamless around the plug outlets and stove. The tiles are actually pretty thick and have a 3D type texture so I found that using a sharp pair of scissors worked better than a straight edge or exacto knife. I started on the left & worked my way to the right. I cut the first tile completely straight on the left side so it lined right up with the wall and made it much easier to lay the remaining tiles.

I found a neat trick to cut around the outlets I want to share with you. See if you can stay with me… Alrighty, so each 10” by 10” tile comes with a clear plastic cover that you obviously remove before you stick the tile on the wall. Well I removed the clear plastic sheet and placed it where I planned to stick the tile which would cover the outlet. I traced that bad boy (without removing the plate from the wall) where the plate was because I knew to get a seamless look, the backsplash would have to tuck under the outlet plate cover anyhow. Soooo…cutting the size of the outlet plate cover allowed me to know, okay now if I cut the tile smaller than the outlet plate cover I traced, when I put the plate back on, it will look b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!!. Are you following me here? I get so excited about these things.

So without further ado…behold the finished product! I just think it makes my little kitchen look so expensive and the best part about it is, IT WASN’T!


Y’all!!! Get out there and try this! It’s sooo doable and makes such a difference in your home. I promise you will love it! Don’t forget to link your sites below so I can check them out! Until next time!!

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