Narrow Pantry Organization

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How I Transformed My Dysfunctional Pantry into an Organized and Useable Space.

Tired of the, pull EVERYTHING out the pantry to see whats in the very back? Or…the what happened to the bag of rice we had? Come to find it was buried behind alllll the snacks? Ladies….I’ve got your solution! Often times as renters, we get stuck with a pantry space so narrow you can’t fit a cereal box. Um..yes I still enjoy my Honey Nut Cheerios and my Cinnamon Toast Crunch every now and then. This pantry just doesn’t cut it! Anyway, I had to find a solution to get organized and I came across these Rev-A-Shelf angels.

I can’t say enough good things about these shelves. They’re super easy to install and you better believe it, these are a life changer when it comes to finding things in the pantry. The shelves roll right out and I can see everything in the back. I also used this Two Tier Rev-A-Shelf to put in my pantry. It’s seriously a space saver and created more shelves than I had to begin with. Helloooo storage!


Alright so, first things first, I can’t stress this enough..make sure you measure BEFORE you buy. There is nothing worse than getting pumped for your install day and come to find you have to return the item and start over. Okay enough of me ranting.

Once you’ve measured AND made sure the shelves will fit even with room for the’s GO time. My pantry is 14in wide and just about 22.5in deep, so I opted for the 12in by 22 Rev-A-Shelf.

Empty out your entire pantry. This is the time to throw away all those expired snacks. If you forgot it was there, toss it, it’s probably past time to anyway.

Before you commit & secure the Rev-A-Shelf to your pantry, I suggest setting the Rev-A-Shelf on top of the pantry shelf you’re planning to secure it to. Test it out. Close the pantry door. Does the door shut all the way? Are all hinges free and clear if you pull the Rev-A-Shelf out to reach in the back? If the answer is “yes,” then PERFECT! Now get a pencil and make small marks where you’ll place the shelf so you know exactly where on the shelf you want it to sit.

I was able to pull out my pantry shelf and placed it on the floor to secure the Rev-A-Shelf to it. It only takes 2 screws in front and 2 little screws in back and we’re done! Yes, the screws came with the shelf. I’m telling y’all, these were a real winner! Load her up!


One thing to keep in mind is when you load up the Rev-A-Shelf, and you need to grab something from the very back, if you pull out the Rev-A-Shelf and don’t secure the pantry shelf properly, the whole thing can tip over and you can seriously get hurt.

To avoid this, secure your pantry shelf to your actual pantry itself with slide pegs like these. These allow the shelf to not only sit on top of the slide peg but it also prevents the shelf from tipping if you were to put heavy items on the front end. See? I. got. you!! Let me know how this works for you.

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