4 Key Tips When Shopping a New Construction Home

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As yall know, I am a born and raised California girl. Now, with the mortgage interest rates at their all-time low, I was looking at houses in other states just getting an idea, when I came across Austin, TX. Tons of new construction there going on, lots of job opportunities with soooo many businesses’ headquartered in Austin. It got me thinking.

Can you guess what happened next?…Yep, I found a real estate Agent, booked a flight and found some homes to check out during my visit. Boom! I am not messing around. I am specifically looking at new construction homes and after I toured the city and looked at all these houses, I realized that I could have better prepared myself to make the trip more efficient.

So, I’m spilling the tea with yall so you can make your house hunt a more stress-free one.

Alright, here are my recommendations.

1. Most important step here is to make a list. Write down the ADDRESS, BUILDER NAME, FLOOR PLAN NAME, COMMUNITY and PRICE of the homes you want to visit. I recommend using Excel & putting it in a Google doc so you can share this list with your real estate agent so they can also prepare to show you the properties.

  • It’s important to keep in mind that a lot of these houses aren’t even built yet so their website may just show a photo of its future structure but once you get to the city and visit the builder’s office you will see some model homes and the design options.

2. Organize your list by BUILDER first. Meaning, group all the D.R. Horton’s together, the Taylor Morrison’s, etc etc. This is because at times, there isn’t a model home of the floor plan you’d like to see available in one community. However, typically, these builders, especially the ones I mentioned, build all over the place. So the likelihood they have a model or vacant home of the floor plan you fell in love with in another community is high. (This is key!!…I hope that makes sense)

  • When you visit the BUILDER’S office, make sure to grab a folder of all the info on the communities’ floor plans, design options, tax rates, schools, etc. This makes it sooo much easier to refer back to when it comes to decision time. I’m just sayin!

3. Take VIDEO of the homes and take a lot of NOTES. You will look at so many homes and your brain will create its own house that doesn’t even exist if you try to remember them all. Taking notes really is super helpful for all the details. Things like, the room sizes, whether the laundry room is upstairs or downstairs, does the kitchen have that amazing island you want? The list goes on but WRITE. IT. DOWN. I used the Notes app on my phone because…hello time saver!

  • The video might seem annoying to go through the rooms and record everything while your real estate agent stands around but DO IT! And in the video talk about the property, so you can recall the name of the house, the floor plan, etc. That way your not guessing what all the squares in your phone are footage of, all you have to do is play it! Also, I recommend categorizing the photos and videos in your phone by property once the day is over. Yall, MAKE. YOUR. LIFE. EASIER!

Those are my 4 key points. I’ll be the first to admit, I was excelled at some of them and SUCKED, absolutely sucked at others. Most people may say the home buying process is stressful and what not, but when you  take the time to educate yourself, I mean really dive in, it can be in the fun category. Learn the terminology, the jargon, get to know your real estate agent to make sure they understand your vibe and can better point you in the right direction on which home to buy. It’s a big purchase yall! It shouldn’t have to be so stressful.

I hope this has been helpful. Leave me a comment and let me know if this helped you in any fashion. Until next time!

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