How to Prepare for your Virtual Design Studio Appointment

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First of all, CONGRATULATIONS you just bought a real expensive dirt lot right? Well before you know it, that pile of dirt will be your dream home to make tons of memories in!

I mean, that’s the boat I’m in right now. ..For the past couple of weeks I’ve been sharing on Instagram that we are building our new home in Texas. I recently announced that we are designing this bad boy VIRTUALLY! Ah! Don’t freak out, it’s going to be okay. Matter fact, this is the best option for us because, we don’t have to travel anywhere while this virus is happening and can stay safe at home. So, I’m sharing with you how we are preparing for the big day in hopes you too can design your space safely from your current home.

Our builders, whose name shall not be mentioned as this post is not sponsored, has been amazing thus far. We were put in contact with our designer and she sent us the flooring and tile options we can choose from… Let’s pause for a second…I failed to mention, these design appointments are typically done in person at the design studio where you can touch and see the textures and allll the options. Obviously, with a pandemic going on, touching and feeling things is allll the way off the table. As a solution, our designer was kind enough to put together a PDF of our design options which brings me to the next point.

Now that you have the list of products you can choose from, go through it with your partner and make note of what you like, then contact the manufacturer. Most of the manufacturers take online orders for FREE, yep…FREE samples of the products you would like. So when I say my current apartment has turned into a design studio, just know I took full advantage of ordering any of the samples I liked, so I would know exactly what I love or what I was ready to toss out. Trust me, things are never what they seem in photos and it’s much better to make decisions after seeing the products in person.

So now you’ve got all your samples and its time to come up with a design. I knew I wanted white kitchen cabinets, and my current apartment just so happened to have them so I popped one the cabinet doors right off and laid it out with some tiles and what not to create my mood board. This is the fun part you guys! Put things together that you normally wouldn’t even think work and just see how it looks. At this point, you should also be Pintrest-ing some ideas and figure out what you want the vibe of your space to feel like. In my case, I’m going for a more moody minimal vibe with some bohemian-ness in there as well. Have fun with it!

Also, don’t focus too much on the details but rather the bones of your home. You can always dress up your home with pillows and accent wall colors, etc, but the design appointment is where you pick the meat & potatoes of your home. For instance, the floors. Do you want wood, vinyl, laminate, maybe engineered hardwood? What color floors do you like? Well, bust out your samples and lay it around your home in different types of lighting, and see how you feel. Do they work well with the kitchen cabinets you’re so in love with? If not, mix it around and see what you fall in love with. Don’t forget, cabinets can also be painted or stained! Pintrest! Pintrest! Pintrest! I’m super visual so seeing a design I had in my head, in a photo is a game changer.

Finally, if you’re real tech savvy you can create a mockup of your space using programs like Photoshop or SketchUp to see how the selections you chose will actually look once it’s all said and done. There’s also websites like Modsy or Havenly that can do this for you for a fee but whatever your channel, it’s so worth it to take the stress out of having to imagine your design and actually seeing it at least digitally.

My girl Kayla over at hooked me up with a mock up of the exterior of my future home. Aint she purrrty? Kayla is honestly so talented you guys! I sent her a few photos and specs and she came back so fast with a perfect mock up. I could not be happier with the outcome!!

The builder we went with was able to provide us the colors of the home and which colors go where, but for some reason, they don’t have examples of what the actual home will look like in those colors. Crazy right?….So, I’m incredibly thankful that I found Kayla to save the day & just made me feel that much more excited to be building this home. Check her out you guys!!

I hope these tips have been the least bit helpful to you all. Drop me a comment below if you’re using these tips! Remember to have fun with it yall!

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  2. Loved this post!! You were SO smart to order some samples. Things really do look different in person than online. I can’t wait to see how the design turns out! 😃

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